Forklift Truck Maintenance and Repairs – South London, Kent and Essex


Forklift Truck Maintenance and Repairs – South London, Kent and Essex

Based in Hartfield, East Sussex, Grafty Forklifts is ideally located to service forklift trucks around Essex, Kent and South London. Repairs can be carried out on your own premises or at our workshop. We undertake repairs on forklift trucks from all manufacturers and are approved local agents for Nexen.

We understand that when you require forklift truck repairs, you need them carried out quickly to make sure disruption to the running of your business is kept to a minimum.

Common forklift truck problems we fix:
• Issues with batteries
• Leakages in hydraulic, drivetrain and cooling systems
• Failed masts
• Hydraulic pump issues
• Faulty accessories
• Not starting

Forklift Truck Maintenance
Keeping your forklift trucks well maintained is imperative for a long life and consistently good performance. While forklifts are designed to be hardwearing and heavy duty, it’s still important to keep up with regular maintenance practices, particularly servicing. Here at Grafty, we recommend getting your forklift trucks serviced once a year, as a preventative measure. It means we can spot problems before they become big. This will save money for your business over the long term.

During our routine servicing of your forklift trucks, we inspect the following:
• Wear and tear
• Battery level
• Oil level
• Tyres
• Brakes and steering
• Masts
• Axles

We offer a comprehensive breakdown call out service covering:

Electrical faults
If your forklift truck is not starting, or you are struggling to steer it, this could be due to an electrical fault. Our maintenance team will be able to quickly identify the problem.

The driving force behind your forklift truck’s lifting mechanism, hydraulics use a pressurised fluid that is pushed through pipes and cylinders to create movement. Our mechanics can adjust and repair, should there be a problem.

Engine rebuilds
We supply all the parts required to overhaul the engines of forklift trucks that have had a lot of wear and tear through heavy usage. Rebuilding the engine prolongs the life of your vehicle, saving you the costs of replacing it altogether.

Transmission Repairs
The transmission on your forklift truck will probably need repairs if it has been frequently exposed to harsh conditions or extreme weather conditions. If a breakdown happens, it will need to be addressed by an expert in order to get your forklift up and running again.

Masts and associated parts
One of the most essential parts of a forklift truck, the mast is a structure that lifts and lowers the load-bearing forks at the front. It’s important to keep these in excellent condition. We can perform repairs for all types of mast problem, and can provide parts if needed.

As well as breakdown support, we offer general servicing and forklift truck maintenance. We can undertake repairs within our workshops in Essex or at your premises, whether you are in Kent, South London or the surrounding areas. Our mobile engineers have fully equipped vehicles to deal with breakdowns and repairs.

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